Make up for a photo shoot


As a photographer I am often asked how one should do their make up for a session. If you don't have a make up artist {which is my first choice} there are some tips and tricks that will make you look your hottest. 

In general you want to use your everyday make up only more of it. So double or triple coat it. 

Your base....

Put foundation on, this will give you a smooth tone thought your face {even if you never wear make up it's helpful to put this on.} 

Cover your foundation with a lose powder. This will help defuse shine. 

Apply bronzer to your checks, four head, nose and chin, this will make you look sun kissed and fresh. 

Apply a little blush over the bronzer to your cheeks. 

Well shaped brows are important. Go to a salon to get them shaped.
Best time to pluck is after a shower, your pours are open and it does not hurt as much.

The eyes...

In general matte shadows are better for photos. Sometime shimmer can catch the light in you will have a light fart bursting from your face. Not pretty. However a light shimmer is ok, stay away from glitter. 

If you are not sure what colors look best on you do some research, but in general...

Darker eyes look better in grays, blues, purples, and greens.Lighter eyes look better in brown, taupe, and bronze shades.

Put the darkest shade in the creese on of your eye, this will give depth and pop. Put a light shade right under your brow to highlight it. 

Curl your lashes starting on the base of the lash and working your way up. Put on a thin coat of mascara again starting at the base. Let it dry for 20 seconds repeat 2-3 times. 

The lips. 

Do put something on your lips that has a bit of color. Gloss or dark shades, whatever is you. 



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