Friends and cold

When packing for MN I always tell myself "Jocelyn, it is very cold there, bring EVERYTHING you have that is warm. Then I arrive at the airport with my very large suitcase. I look outside and think, "that really does not look so very bad. This visit I will be like a local! My father in law will be proud!" 

Then I walk outside. I can't help but yelp because it feels like the air bit my face! And I am like "OUCH! DANG IT MN! You Kick my butt every YEAR!" Then, I make a new goal: don't screen when you walk outside, even though it hurts. We have been here 3 days and so far I am losing. 

Even inside I keep my hat and gloves not local. Yes, they mock me. They all mock me. I don't understand how they are in SHORTS at 20 degrees! 

THE AMERICAN GIRL STORE! Every little girls dream. Best part is the doll hair salon. No kidding. This is me and Bethany, {an ips intern (and friend) for the owl city event}VERY excited to see the store for the first time! 

A new saying that I love! 

My friend Laura. She took me out to tea and watched the first bit of MN Snow fall to the ground. It was a very good moment.And check that sweet light...

Owl City concert pics coming soon. It was really fun. We are exhausted from the weekend. Interns fly out today, Rowan and I have a few lunch meetings with cool peeps then out to his family's home for holiday goodness! 

But Thankfulness helps with tiredness and cold toes so here is my list. And thanks for all the sweet emails and comments, your encouragement is a blessing to me. Really. 

Thanks for...
39. Men with good sweaters, it makes them huggable.
40. Mascara, can you imagine life without bit of beautiful? 
41. Good pens, they help inspire me to write, I need to write more.
42. My SLR camera, I really love taking pictures. 
43. Pants that are too long. Not that they can ever be too long!
44. Leather, I love all things leather. 
45. Lakes, I enjoy sitting by them with friends. 
46. Scarves, They keep you warmer then you think!
47. Doing dishes, it's the normal things of life that I relish theses days. 
48. Vintage shops, it's not my style but I love it and wish I could pull it off more often. 
49. Ministries that don't micro manage, hard to find these days. 
50. Heated seats in cars, it helps you warm up much faster!
51. Muffins, muffins are so joyful. 
52. Thai food. Thai food is my comfort food. 
53. True friends who know your soul, you need only a few but they are of such importance. 



Ashley Rogers said...

Love the post! Makes me feel all toasty inside. :) I'm a local and I still wear hats and gloves inside. Pretty much ready to deck myself in an insulated mummy suit or something...

Hailey said...

it looks like a fun adventure :)


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