When in San Antonio I met up with this lovely lady for a photo shoot example for our IPS class

It was fun and she is pretty as you can see... 

Cara came with us to Italy. We had a blast hanging out at all of the leather markets and purchasing too many things "at a spacial price" as all the locals tried to sell us their goods. 

After our photo time we grabbed coffee and tea and caught up on life and love and all that good stuff. She is cool and I am very glad to know her. 

Thanks for being such a lovely model Cara and a fun person to be with!

She is a bookie...




We both have a weakness for J.Crew  And she rocks it well...


Hello bright eyes...goodness.

I love this one...the boat made my day as it puttered by. 

We are in the Twin Cities. Gearing up for tomorrow. We are photographing Owl City and Rowan is running a Photo Journalism class over the event! IPS works with the Pulse Movement and we LOVE it. We have a team of 4 students working with us in the photo department! I am sure I will have some pretty fun phone photos for ya soon...just kidding they will so be SLR images. Well. Maybe.

Here is my thankful list today...

26. In-laws. They expand my world and I have RAD ones.
27. Fires, fires enhance cold days. 
28. Gloves, there is something romantic about them. 
29. Boots, they makes my legs look good.
30. My Wedding ring, it's my favorite thing in the world
31. Socks, new socks bring me a lot of joy. If I was rich I would get a new pair everyday. 
32. Memory Foam pillows, those things are the best
33. Visiting a church, It reminds me how involved God is.
34. Talking to my baby sister on the phone, her squeaky voice is the best ever. 
35. Cashmere, I am a addict, it's SO SOFT PEOPLE! 
35. Scarves, fall clothing in general is cute I think.
36. The ability to drink tap water, not many people can do that. 
37. Walking, I love walking and I am thankful I can walk.
38. Gum, I don't like bad breath. 

Looking forward to a few relaxing, non working days with Rowan's family in MN after the weekend! Thanksgiving how did you get here so fast? I am glad you are here! 

Happy, happy day! 


Joy said...

Rad inlaws are the best...I love mine!!!!


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