Getting ready in 10 minuets

And I got ready in more then 10 min here...just for the record.

I think I learned how to get ready fast and in the dark when I played volleyball. Often I would need to be up and ready to go by 4.30am. Painful. Traumatizing. That being said my husband is consistently impressed at my speed in primping. As a disclaimer I LOVE getting ready for events slowly. It's relaxing to me. If I can, I love spending 2 hours showering, blow drying my hair, painting my nails, listening to music, all while drinking tea and perhaps watching a chick flick. And as much as I think I would liked to do that everyday, my newly wed life does not sustain such dreams. I have the quick primp down to a science. And I really can be out the door in 10 min. This is helpful when I need to be at the airport at ungodly hours. I don't want to look like I just rolld out of bed as I talk to the poor gate agent {I always feel sorry for them, for some reason} but I also don't want to invest time in waking up {hopefully I can fall back asleep on the plane}

Set out clothing the night before, socks, undies, shoes, earrings...everything. Pack what you need in your purse and any details you can get done the night before do.

Wake up. Turn on curling iron and hot water for tea.
1 min Brush teach and wash face {FAST}
30 sec tone
30 sec moisturizer
{Eyes should be adjusted now}
3 min Take 4-7 chunks of hair of the top and curl it. Pony it or leave it down for the bed head look {It's hot as long as it looks like you did it on should not really look like you just got out of bed.} PS Curling irons are hot, even in the morning, so be careful in your half awake conciseness.
1 min foundation
30 second bronzer
30 second basic eye shadow
1 min mascara {Don't cut this step if you want to look awake}
2 min get dressed, grab stuff {and tea to go} and walk out the door.

Now I recommend only doing this when you NEED to. And plan on 15 min. {I always struggle walking before 7am so everything takes longer}

Having a good hot curling iron is the only way to be done in 3 min.This one is my fav it gets hot fast and curls great. I use this one and love it...

I loveBareMinerals It is all natural, wears well all day and the brush system makes it super fast to apply. Their starter kit is great and cheap on Amazon. Their brushes are really nice and apply well, I am seriously sold on this product.

May you fly on the wings of eagles...



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