Fall shopping:: Oxfords

Fall is a favorite to shop for. Mainly because of boots. I have a serous weakness for them. I love the brown ones, the black ones, the tall ones, the short ones. However, I always try to push my poor little ballet flats too far into the wet portland winters and this year I have a different plan. Oxfords
I believe this to be a solid choice. A good in-between of boots and flats. Good with jeans or skirts, dress them up or down. They have been around awhile, and not to bring up my grandma again, but she has a pair {from back in the day}, they still look good and she still wears them well. Anything that my grandma has had for 20 years is something worth looking into. She is a hot grandma (I will post about her sometime}. She has helped me though the painful years of shopping and awkward phases we all go thought. I owe her a lot.

I think I may go with a cheap pair to see how I like the look then invest in a wear forever real pair.

I don't have these but I want them...

Well, that is what I think.




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