Ben and Jen

Fun couples are always an adventure. Ben and Jen would be the couple you always want at your party. They are simply hilarious. I love being with them and I love photographing them! Ben is a photographer and IPS instructor so posing them was cake and loving them was even better!








Yes those are her real eyelashes...I try not to hate her for them. But sometime I need more of Jesus.

you guys are hotties, I love ya both!



Sarah said...

love them. love your work here. (and love how much you're posting!!)

andie jael haugen said...

These are fabulous.

derks said...

i love the 4th one down... even though you can't see our faces it has a whimsical feel to it that really describes our love well. and also, how can you NOT love the last two... so good. you rock.


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