Allison in Garden of the Gods CO

I met Allison in Wisconsin, A few weeks after I got married. At a summer camp we were working at. My new husband was the male staff director. It was long hours, intense work and there was not too much down time. I had never been a part of the camp but was staffing it also {In general a bad idea}. Poor Allison had to deal with my inexperience, newly marriedness and over all insanity and insecurity of a new phase of life {quite a bit of adjusting goes into being married--I was not graceful all the time} 
Honestly I am a little shocked she is still my friend. But that is who she is. She loves people, she spoils those she loves, she invests. 
She lives in CO and every time I am there she will whisk me away for a coffee chat at just the right moment. Rowan and I run photography school in CO and Allison was the model for the example shoot I did in front of the class. Lots of fun, lots of fun. 
So not only is she cuteness in bodied, loveliness walking she is fun and honest and well... just awesome. 
Thanks for being my friend Allison! I do love ya!





Stephanie said...

I love you Jocelyn. These pictures are beautiful! Allison is the sweetest ever. You captured her wonderfully. Thank you for being an awesome role model to me. :) <3


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