2 years old.

This is my little sister. She is getting close to her 2nd birthday. Photo time! Good thing she was looking photogenic in her little birthday/flower girl dress and with tomato soup in her nap hair. I was cracking up at her hilariousness. She insisted on wearing her 4 year old sisters cowboy boots for a while and would only give me a pouty look as she "posed" for me, it took some serious peek-a-booing to get a giggle.


Some things I love about her...

She thinks she is 20 years old and walks like it.

She talks a million miles an hour. Most the time you can only understand the tone.

She loves shoes, making her always invited to the big girl shopping trips.

She loves it when her big sisters do her hair.

She takes very tender care of her baby brother.

She loves to dip her food. One of my favorite pastimes at my parents house is sitter her on the kitchen counter and eating chips and salsa, carrots and hummus or anything you can dip. She takes it very seriously it’s hilarious.

That she comes bolting out of the front door when we arrive for a visit, barefoot and in some kind of awesome girlie outfit screaming arms wide for a hug.

That she has written “The sissy song” and sings it in the shower {and every time I am on the phone with my mom}.

That she is scared of the hair dryer. She cries if she looks at it.

She can take it to her big brothers.

That her hair is perfect and she never tires. I am sure I will hate her for that in a few years.

That her eyelashes touch her eyebrows. Another thing I will hate in a few years.

That she calls my mom “Awesome mom”

I love you baby girl, happy birthday thanks for hanging out with me and looking so pretty. Even you posing poutie face works.










Sarah Bradshaw said...

Love it!!!!!

WriteTheVision said...

Awesome, Joc! Love your new blog layout! What a sweet tribute to such a beautiful sister of yours!


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