Long Awaited THE HAIR VIDEO. By IPS PhotoEX team NZ2010

Last year a team of ips photographers went to New Zealand.

Really it is hard to explain what happened. ummm let me try... New Zealand forest, Camping, Sleeping bags, Mountains, deserts, rivers, lakes, dirty hair, drop pots, stars, P Butter & J, Tea with milk and 2 sugars, road trips everyday, rocking wake up calls,

And just to ad this side note {for Rowan} yes, there was a bathing "option". Glacier melt. Yes, that is right. Glacier Melt. As you may understand that was no real option to me or my girlies. Sorry honey.

So here it is. Our journey of the hair.




Sarah Bradshaw said...

"It's the kind of thing that can take you to the next level. In a fizzy and lemony sort of way."

"Embrace womanhood. Embrace not shaving your armpits."

That was SUCH an epic five days.

Krissy said...

EPIC! I don't miss those rockin' wake up calls though.

Tori Watson said...

hahaha. i. LOVE. this. (especially mark & david's deep, spiritual commentary about it :)

DerksWorks said...

so, how do I add money to the pot that'll pay to see Rowan dump that whole bottle of soda on his hair on day#1?


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