Why do birds insist on pooping on my red car?

Not on the car in front of me. Not on the car behind me. Just on my car. I come to get my car after it has been parked there for 1 day and it has more than 40 piles of bird poop all over it!

I knew cops liked fast red cars, but I didn't expect this!


Rowan Gillson

Institute of Photographic Studies


Nate and Robyn Copper said...

Aren't bulls-eye's red usually?

Laurence Modithre said...

LOL! Your car must be a popular pooping area among the birds. Red cars are eye-catching for both humans and animals. Next time, just put a car cover on it. That will keep you from cleaning those bird droppings.

Mickey said...

Maybe you parked your car in a place with a lot of trees. If not, maybe birds simply love your car so much!
Red is, after all, the color of love :) Anyway, you can put a cover on your car or re-paint it with another color.
Red is a striking and attractive color, but I’m sure there are other light colors that can make your car equally eye-catching.
{Mickey Doshi}


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