And I made it alive.


I am not the rugged wife that everyone expected Rowan Gillson to marry. Every 2 years Rowan leads an IPS International Photo Experience, a hands on intensive mission photo j course along with landscape and cross culture communications. Training starts in New Zealand and lasts 3 weeks. The last week we put into practice the skills and work in Fiji. Part of the journey is a week of hard core camping in New Zealand...because you know that is the place you would find all the good landscapes. My job would be to hang out with the students, run my own camper of 7 girls and cook 2 meals a day for everyone (from campers to church kitchens and hostels). Frankly I hate camping. I am not a very good cook. I am very attached to my hair dryer, curling iron. I am not good at landscape photography and I don't like it all that much anyway. With all of these against me I thought this month would be a long one. 

BUT. It was not. In fact it was pretty awesome. I lived though camping with the help of my teammates and rockin camper full of my girlies who made my laugh and smile every morning...even though I woke up to nature and porta potties. And of course Rowan. Rowan was always there to laugh with me (well more at me) and give me a hug when I felt like the worst wife ever. 

Driving though NZ with Rowan was awesomeness too.Rowan LOVES this place. He also LOVES camping here. Hearing his stories about all that God did in his life here is inspiring. 

We are sitting in the airport about to go to Fiji. The last leg of our trip. We are ready. We will be working in the prisons, villages, cities with kids and moms and men families and singles. God is going to grow us. God is going to do great things. We have been training for 3 weeks to work in a culture that is far from our own. To be effective, to show love, to inspire change but mostly to be changed.

I am thankful for the time we had in New Zealand. I would even go back.

And for those of you wondering how my landscape photos turned out here are a few I (almost) like.






Sarah Bradshaw said...

you're awesome. just saying.

- Toni Maisano said...

^^^ What she said. ^^^



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