Jocelyn hates mornings

Good Morning from Auckland!

Jocelyn hates mornings

We were up at 4.15 local time this morning to head from our hotel back to the airport. Yesterday when we arrived we did a bit of repacking, leaving a large suitcase and guitar with our friend Aggie for when we come back for the New Zealand Experience. Anyway, we're traveling much lighter now, and it feels so good!

Back at the airport we were able to use the Star Alliance Gold check in which made the whole process a lot faster, less hazing, and we got bumped up to business class! Too bad the flight is only 3 hours, but hey... We'll take it! Air New Zealand is a fabulous airline and the service we're getting is definitely spoiling... It'll be hard to go back to peasant class on Qantas in a few hours. Oh well, king for a morning!

It was good to be back in New Zealand even though it was just for a few hours. I'm excited to be back for three weeks in November!

Ok. That's it! I'm on the airplane and about to depart!

Love from the Pacific!


Rowan Gillson

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