Happy Birthday Jo!

Happy Birthday Jo!

RoJo and Friends at Penguin Beach

Yes, today is your 25th birthday, and I know it makes you sad to be so old. (Just remember how you feel today so you can sympathize with me when I turn 30 next year!) Your 24th year was a good one... in it we fell in love, I gave you a ring, and we got married. We traveled together to Ireland, Hawaii, Minnesota, Colorado, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Texas, New York, and South Africa. You experienced Giordano's pizza, a Gatsby, fresh mozzarella, and real fish and chips. Your insurance claim finally came to trial and was completed. Did I mention we got married?

Year 25 is going to be even better. I cannot give you a picture of all the places we will go, the people we will meet, the new foods we will try, the coffee we will drink, or the friends we will make. But there are two things I can promise you for your 25th year: my love for you will continue to grow every hour, day, week, month of this year and that we will walk with God, wherever He is and whatever he does.

Your One True Love Forever.



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