And We're Off

Rowan at LAX

My back hurts from sitting on the floor at the LAX airport, but at least my legs are stretched out. These last few hours in the US are always crazy. The exhaustion of the last few days finally catches up now that we're actually out of the house and sitting. Yet, the opportunity to use real internet and cell phones "one last time" is a strong one.

Jo and I had a good dinner here at the airport and then crashed the gate, dominating power outlets and floor space. We've been looking for missing client files, booking rentals in NZ, powering up cell phones (for which I forgot my charger... yeah...), and otherwise making sure that life is in order as much as can be before we're gone.

This flight looks pretty full, which is too bad. It'd be nice to give Jo a couple benadryls and let her stretch out across a bunch of seats to sleep. As it is, I'll have to give her more drugs for less sleep. Oh well... A layover in Fiji and our next stop is Auckland for a hotel and a bed.



Sarah Bradshaw said...

cheering for you!!


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