The Photographers

The Photographers

Awesome Shoes

I think the question I've been asked the most about my wedding is "So, who's going to take your pictures?" And yes, people have been asking me this for years! When I started dating Jocelyn the frequency of hearing this question went up dramatically, and I'm pleased today to announce to the world the fantastic friends/photographers who will be photographing our wedding.

Andie Haugen is a long-time friend of Jocelyn's [and more recently, my own] and, of course, is a fabulous photographer. You can check out her [in progress] website at: Andie will be our main portrait and ceremony photographer.

John McPherson has traveled with me across China and worked for me as a photography instructor for a couple years. John's website is: John is going to be shooting awesome candids of our wedding day.

Andie, John, we are so excited to have you both shooting our wedding! Thank you, thank you!!



Wesley's Girl said...

oh guys! I am so happy for you and totally wish we could be there for your BIG day!! But, Lord willing, we'll meet up somewhere and hear all about it, ok?


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