Red nails

On Aug 4th, 2009 my parents went to dinner for their 25th wedding anniversary. Rowan had just been to my house and talked to my dad about "getting to know Jocelyn better." Both of my parents were very excited about him...well actually, I am pretty sure both of my parents were in love with him already.
I however still had a head and was not committed to anything yet and was still praying and seeking God's will. Ha. Unknown to me and Rowan, they set money aside for us to go on a super nice date . After we became engaged, sitting in the living room with my family, mom ran to her desk and held out an envelope to me. Written on it was "For Rowan and Jocelyn, only to be used on the specialist of days. Aug 4th, 2009"

We decided to have our "special day" for Valentines day...a week late. We went to Timberline lodge and had a super romantic dinner. Oh yes.

Here are some happy snappy photos for you!

ps Rowan got me flowers and I love them.

A mom shot before we left....
Waiting for dinner. There is always a camera around and I cannot help myself.
Ok so here is the story that goes with this. 9 years ago I started painting my nails black on Feb 14th. Not to be cynical but to help remind the rest of the world that not all people were in love on this day. I mean really. I gained a few black nail followers though the years and it resulted in many girl night, black nail painting parties. It was just something I always did.

This year. I painted. My nails. RED.
ummm this is just us.

heee hee!


Sarah said...

You guys make me smile. =D


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