We have moved on from the "what are your wedding colors" to "what are your house colors?" The first time someone posed this question we thought they were kidding. But no. They and many others are serious.

So we went out to discover our innerdomesticpersonhood.

This is what we found...

1. Rowan loves vases, clocks, picture frames and little crock pots.
2. Jocelyn has a pillow and throw fetish and that was all she really wanted to register for.
3. There is furniture we have never heard of.
4. Everything home is very expensive.
5. Every store loves you when you are spending other peoples money.
6. All furniture sales girls should be named Eleanor.

P.S. The wedding colors are champagne, ivory, and wine purple. We still don't know about house colors...


Anonymous said...

:) you guys make me laugh. just watch out... you will get more green moss balls then you will know what to do with LOL

Anonymous said...

So I guess our little Eleanor (age 2) would, in your opinions, have the high calling of being a furniture sales associate?

PS: With the blog title, red should be a prominent color choice; rojo and all that.


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