Ramsey Family: San Diego CA

The sunshine to our California, the cherry on top, tall, dark and beautiful, our friends who we love.

One of the first photos we took together

Found this the other day. Brought back fun memories and was a great reminder of how much I adore this man and how much our love has grown. 

^I can't decide if we look the same or different. Nice name tag, darling^

How having a baby effected my marriage

Photo by Ethan York

We fight harder. We have more passion and purpose in being 'right'.

We cry more. And I needed to cry more.

We laugh harder. And more often.  Because when you have baby there is a whole lot to laugh at.

We are much better at doing nothing together. We have had some of the best 'nothing' days this year.

We are able to pick up conversations that ended half way though, no problem.

Our relationship is more secure. Peeing in front of each other, not to mention giving birth in front of someone along with the raw emotions that come with being new parents. Not to mention the makeup-less, sweatpants, mountain of dishes and the messiest house we have ever lived in ugly allows us to absolutely know that our love is not based on humor, beauty or what we do.  It's rooted in respect, gratitude, service and a love I could not fathom. It is safe, warm and wonderful. 

We make eye contact more. Because we both share a wonderful obsession with a little guy who is the cutest thing and if you say something he might stop doing what he is doing.

We know more about each other childhoods. Because, whether we agree, disagree or I never thought of that, 'My mom...' always comes up. We have tried to turn this into story time, not argue time. It works. Mostly…

I love him more.  Because watching him love our child brings me to the utmost respect for him.

We don't sleep as much. But seriously. It's not that big a deal to be tired. Everyone is tired. I was tired before I had a kid too. 

We have a lot more fun doing everything. Suddenly things like going for walks, shopping even doing the dishes are a lot more fun when you have a mini you wanting to get his hands in whatever you are doing, and that makes you feel just cool. 

If every child expands your ability to love laugh and life I want tons, tons, tons more. 

I really like being a mom. I like what it has done to me, my husband and my marriage. 

Our first childhood illness

We made it though our first childhood illness over here. Lew picked up Roseola and it was a lot of work. And pretty sad too. I had no idea what it was…but I do now.  I wish I had some wonderful natural remedy that took care of it in 24 hours to share, but it seems to be one of those that just needs to run its course. Man sickness sucks and it's double that when it's your kid. I was not expecting it to be so hard to watch your child work though illness. Once my Lewis is sick nothing else seems to matter and I don't care that all he wants to do is be held, nurse and sleep in my bed. All schedules and rules go out the door.  So that is what we have been doing this week. Holding, snuggling, nursing and co sleeping. 

Pardon the quality of the photos. I didn't bust out the SLR for these memories...

^Oat meal baths for baby rashes. He loves the water.^

^Going with daddy to get an avocado for mom^
^Selfies make us smile^ 

^Daddy makes us feel better too^

We are back to full health and going, going going. He is getting faster at crawling, closer to walking and funnier and funnier. 

Andy, Abby and their kids. San Diego CA

I officially started working again. It's very part time and I like it like that. I original plan was for me to start up again in January but I was just loving being at home. So we kept it low key and waited until I felt both Lewis and I where ready.

I thought I was going to need to work.  Photographing and consulting give me a lot of energy, but nothing makes me feel more complete then my spending the day with my Lewis. I really just like taking care of him. 

However, It felt good to get behind the lens again. It's normal. The old normal.  I have not felt that in a long time. Yesterday was the first wedding I have done since having L. He did great, spent the ceremony on my back and slept though the formal shots. I am that good tired and my back is killing me.  I am finding that editing is going to take much, longer then it did before as I have to get up every few min. 

In San Diego I was able to photograph one of my all time favorites. Expressive, fun, totally into each other and very photogenic. It was an easy transition back. 

Thank you Andy and Abby for serving the United States of America, for loving your kids and for being so beautiful! I really love you guys. 

p.s. old photos of this family here and here they are after their baby girl was only a few weeks old. 

8 months old

6 teeth
Speed crawling 
Laughing all the time 
2-3 naps a day 
Loves going on walks 
Loves adventures 
18 flights in his 8 months 
Interested in everything 
Into everything 
Drinking water from a straw 
Follows dad around the house 
Don't you dare go outside without him 
Wakes up happy to be alive. 
Seems to be a morning person.
Hilarious and wonderful and so much fun. 

^He thinks I am so funny. I think he is great You can badly see his top teeth in this one. They are just broken though for witch we are both thankful^ 
^I. see. a. dog. I love dogs!^
^He claps all the time. It's also his sign that he wants to be picked up^
^Please note the point^
^One of my favorite things about him^
^Pulling himself up on everything. Including small friends^

^Always moving^

Man, my kid is cool

Not crazy. Or alone.

Some days I feel like I am all alone in my thoughts emotions, actions and insecurities. Staying with our friends who have a little boy about a month younger than our Lewis has been great. I have learned a lot. Mostly that I am not crazy. Or alone. 

Other moms…

Feel like they have had the biggest workout of their life. Every night. 

Can't make it from 3 o'clock to dinner without a snack when nursing. 

It only takes one trip to one store to make a day feel successful. 

The amount of sleep your baby gets is directly related to your happiness.

All new moms are a little germ-o-phone.

Because if your baby does get sick you can't even think about doing anything but cuddling and kissing feverish checks. 

Are willing to clean up for 15 minuets for 3 quiet ones.

Some days you look better on the outside then you feel on the inside. 

Wonder if you could be wrecking a person with little, everyday choices. 

Is pretty sure life is in slow motion. Until you reach nap time. 

Not want to put your baby in the carseat even for 10 min because you can't handle the potential crying. 

Have sad days. 

Have fat days. 

Have P.J. days.

It can take hours or even days to replay to a text message.

Feel happier and more content at home then you ever thought possible. 

^I love being his mommy. He is so much fun to be with^

P.S. I asked this cute little family what their number one baby product is: 
She said: Ten of these and she could do pretty much everything. Haha. Everything? 
He said: They couldn't live without this bad boy


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